With Wal-Mart asserting their new personal labeled wi-fi service powered by T-Cell, I used to be questioned if any true MLM Wi-fi Firm would be capable of compete, as a result of it appeared most if not all the wi-fi centered firms had been going after the identical demographic group.

Properly, it appears Zoom has determined to give attention to a distinct area of interest with the launch of their propitiatory VoIP Community, and their new Wi-fi VoIP Software accessible on the HTC Hero.
This appears to put Zoom in a class shared by the likes of LightYear Community Options, ACN (American Communication Community, and even the brand new Freedom Communication. Firms centered on offering telecommunication companies of every kind to each people and companies.
And, as I look over the advertising and marketing collateral being utilized by Zoom it appears they’re transferring much more into their very own particular area of interest, with the providing of each land primarily based and wi-fi VoIP companies. My purpose is to check out their land primarily based VoIP subsequent and see the way it works.
From all I’ve seen and the quite a few conversations I’ve had with Zoom Founder George Burton and Zoom Chief Counsel Matthew Foreman, it’s simple to see they’re centered on offering stable management with the workforce they’re attracting inside the house workplace, and with the sphere management construction they’ve deployed.
On the finish of the day the success of failure of any firm rises and falls on their management, each inside the company workplace and within the discipline. If Zoom continues to develop their discipline management, and the corporate continues to hit their guarantees on companies, tools and buyer satisfaction then they need to be capable of develop right into a multi-million greenback direct gross sales wi-fi firm.
Listed here are copies of the brand new Zoom Advertising and marketing brochures, which they introduced out at their launch in Vegas.
Zoom Mobile Marketing Brochures


  1. Cool phone…Lousy Comp plan…
    Troy we work for MONEY…do a wireless war comp plan shoot out…why not ?.
    Dist are here for the MONEY!…state the pay plan FACTS that we want !. winners Vs losers (Ranked)
    Just imagine Car and Driver Mag talking about wheels paint and interiors of cars and not reviewing the engine or doing the 0-60 MPH / HP Tests…
    Troy I am Calling you out officially… why you have not done a wireless comp plan shoot out with real numbers and math?.
    P>S Perhaps even a marketing plan shootout too

    • Zoom don't pay dace,
      I agree distributors nee to get paid. However with over 30 years in this profession and having earned way over what an average distributor earns experience shows that if a company has a great compensation plan but the leadership sucks, the company will not last. At the same time a company can have an average compensation plan but solid leadership and distributors can earn millions.
      I fully understand where you are coming from and do not disagree reps need to make money.
      But how do you propse to compare compensation plans between companies when no two are alike.
      Each compensation plan is different. Most product offerings are different, and the registration process is different.
      The comp plan is the smallest denominator when it comes to making money in any volenteer organization business.
      At the end of the day it all comes down to two things… Can the distributor win the trust of others to voluntarily join their organization, and can they earn the long term trust of those volunteer entrepreneurs and keep them active on their team.
      If they can do that, and the company has a product or service the end users need and want, than you, I or anyone can make above average income with any compensation plan.
      But without the ability to attract and kern people in the first place, it just doesn't matter how good the payout looks on paper it will never be earned.

      • Obviously Wireless companies with no way to get completely FREE cell service by referrals, and more importantly a way to eliminate billing of back office fees "will keep the reps"…others will bleed, as national Avg is 2.7 reps recruited…combine monthly phone bill and back office fees with only 2.7 reps they leave to Walmart Mobile…so 80-90 % leave because of poor recruiting and high billing/fees…Yes has to be good management/leaders/product d too…o.k I know that scenario that a given.
        What we are talking about is showing the marketing plans and comp plans so each new dist can clearly see the facts and numbers…would you buy a business without seeing the numbers?
        Calculate 100 personally sponsored, with a total Team of say 1000, they join at the top plan (most do) and get the cellphone service autoship. Then calculate mo residuals, fast start cash, bonus money, points per cycle (binery) or $ (matrix etc)…simple lets do the math…its just numbers
        Obviously companies offering FREE Cell service with referrals will grow faster and have less attrition rate of reps leaving equating to bigger growth ( like free pizza or $120 a slice after some personally sponsored).
        Troy if your not going to do this then perhaps I will or we ask the Top Distributors to submit the numbers for verification and save you some work.
        Troy I still don't buy you not being in agreement of this…
        Too much Kool aide is being sold out there…You talk about the kool aide all day long…the stands the flavors the waitresses…but NEVER the kool aide prices or profits…of the operators
        Fellow Americans… don't you think we need to know the facts and numbers ???
        This B/S has been hidden too long…we want transparency like the people do
        We are tired of hearing reps spout off they made bank, but don't tell you the comp plan numbers

        • Zoom Dont Pay Dack,
          I understand where you are coming from, and have no problem with distributors presenting their marketing and compensation plans.
          By the way where do you get the 2.7 reps average you quote? Just a side question, so I can track your facts.
          Now back to the issue at hand. Which companies do we call MLM Wireless companies? Those who ONLY offer telecommunications or hybrid companies who offer everything?
          And do we set apart companies who offer reps the ability to get their service for free, and/or companies who also provide for a way for retail customers to get their service for free?
          Never mind, I think what we will do is allow the distributors in their respective companies to post their comp plan payouts if they desire. Lord knows I don;t have time to try and figure it all out.
          I'm not sure where you get 100 personally sponsored, or a 1000 reps. How about we do it a little different.
          How about we look at what 12 personally sponsored (that is one a month) easy for an average distributor working part-time. And lets add 24 customers who are outside of the compensation plan, something else that is easy to accomplish for a part-time person.
          Now, we can move up from there. But since most folks never sponsor 100 personally sponsored folks, I see no reason to hype any compensation plan.

      • Zoom Dont Pay Dack!
        Binary Uni-Level Hybrid.. Enough Said.
        And Troy made excellent points… Could be an excellent or average plan. BUT it all comes down to the distributor.
        Nick Schycker
        Zoom Founder – TX State Manager

        • Bottom line, just as what happened with traditional telecom when deregulation happened, many companies made good money selling for less, and many representatives did as well, but having been involved from 1984 in industry, my revenues have been dropping every month for past decade as the profit margins have vanished in land line industry.
          Now I see the same thing happening in the wireless industry which was the only area where profit margins were still strong in the telecom industry as a whole. What we are seeing now is the demise of independent wireless companies just as we saw happen with traditional telecom due to profit squeeze and shake out which will leave most, if not all MLM deals on the down slide to bankruptcy.
          Over the past year we have seen how many companies bite the dust, or hype and promote value and then not deliver services at all, never mind introducing what was being promoted. The MLM telecom industry has been a joke, and sadly, like with GV, WOW, FDII and DSN, and many others, all hype and certainly, no value or savings over the big boys.
          With smart phones taking over the wireless industry, and VOIP-COIP deals now the norm, I don't see how any MLM will survive for much longer as the pattern in the industry is repeating itself just as it did in traditional telecom ten years ago. Without profit margins to support MLM commissions, and more people not willing to put up $300. to $500. plus monthly fees just to be a representative, sorry, but I wouldn't waste my time in any wireless MLM having seen all the failures to perform over the past couple years.
          Like all MLM's, they are hot, and then they are not, and not is what I see more and more every day. When you look at the terrible reputation created by all these wireless wannabees over the past year, who would be fool enough to get involved in any of them at this point in time where there are no savings offered over the big boys direct, never mind the Walmart's which offer the best deal on prepay these days which was the last niche MLM wireless was penetrating. Now with big boys wireless price wars dropping to unlimited with data at $69.95 a month with Sprint, it is just a matter of time and COIP applications like Skype and Google will dominate. I use COIP on my Verizon DriodX and have minumum minute plan, so for comparison sake, what MLM can offer unlimited everything for less than $60.00 a month? People want to save money, but they will not go with the no name deals, especially MLM ones, so I see the industry running out of gas.
          Success to all,

        • $150 a cycle is a insult…in my view of other comp plans for the time and effort…now zoom reps are leaving to MBP(2×2 implosion), Talk Fusion(out dated fast) or other mlm's already…i know…these are the same leap froggers that left the last lily pad…for the hovering mosquito…you can have them, if they last ! (NOT)
          Troy: Reps/Joe normal, dont stay in mlm wireless when they have to pay Cell + Back office fees combined and no way to eliminate them from debiting accounts…the business model and comp plan did not figure that out on the drawing board…its a floored model to start with.
          Reps stay in for 3-4 months on the kool aide…pay phone+back office fees = $100+ mo…get tired of that and go to Walmart…for $40 (same product in the store for half the price)…or the next lily pad
          Its Called Bleeding !
          Q: Have you founders even been paid yet ? was it worth the $1,000.00 ?

          • Great question on the founders pay. Glad you reminded me of that issue. I'll make a phone call.
            As for the charges. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Zoom offer the 3 and free deal? If that is the case then why would reps leave.
            As a matter of fact, since the cell service is through a company they represent, and is included as part of autoship, marketing etc. It seems everything is a tax write off.
            As for the MPB most folks I have interviewed have not left their primary businesses, they just added it because it is hot.
            Which I think is nuts because most folks have a hard time building one business let alone two.
            You make some valid points on the comp plans for several companies, which has been a concern of mine from the very beginning.

          • Zoom Dont Pay Dack!,
            How is $150 a cycle an insult? 3 steps.. It's just simpler. As it says on the website and Troy has mentioned himself… The FIRST Founders check is going out October 15th.
            Correct me if I am wrong there use to be a company (Mobile Company) that was $1699.00 to buy into at the highest level.. it would get you NOTHING but multiple "business centers".. NOT EVEN a device, brochures, marketing materials.. LET ALONE a override of the whole uni-level breakage, that's right though.. they don't have a uni-level ON TOP of there Binary like Zoom does.
            Think of the autoship (monthly marketing and back office) this way.. The company ALWAYS has a surplus of money coming in to run things like: customer service, marketing, overheard.. and an overall well thought-out corporate structure which is what Zoom Mobile is focused on.. A corporate company with an MLM pay-plan.
            Sure the Zoom Mobile service MAY NOT ALWAYS be the cheapest, just like vitamin companies almost NEVER have the cheapest vitamins (compared to GNC and Vitamin Shoppe), BUT those companies still THRIVE. I have had that question come up a lot.. You know what I tell them? "Can your current mobile provider give you FREE service?" Simple as that… If they can't make it then they can go to Wal-Mart or some regional carrier for low quality service.. taxes.. fees.. etc. MLM is not for everyone, it never has been and never will be.
            Nick Schycker
            Zoom Mobile Founder – TX State Manager

  2. Troy,
    Awesome to see a review done on the Voip. We just had all the state managers in from around the country in San Antonio, TX. I do not personally have VOIP on my hero yet, but one of the other reps did and we called London.. clear as day.. Was pretty cool to say the least. They need to send you an updates Zoom shirt hah! Thanks for a honest solid review!
    Nick Schycker
    Zoom Founder – TX State Manager

    • Ben,
      You bring up a great question, and one I can't answer without doing more due diligence on Google Talk. I use Google Voice, but have not yet tried Google Talk.
      I can tell you that, the application on the cell phone I am beta testing is not Google. It is proprietary to Zoom. However, the technology behind the application may be the same or similar.
      Let me do some checking and see what I can find out.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

  3. I just wanted to congratulate Nick from ZOOM MOBILE for winning Wireless Leader of the Month. Over at http://www.mlmwirelessnews.com , Nick just because we don't play for the same team anymore does not mean we can't help each other out.
    Regardless of any legal issues, that is for the corporate officers. But us as distributors should be a brotherhood and help each other out.
    Again Congratulations
    Loyal WoW Rep
    It is really happening here now.

    • Wow is back,
      Thanks for the recognition.. Hopefully the wireless MLM's can tough it out to remain in a competitive position against the Big 4 and now Wal-Mart.
      Nick Schycker
      Zoom Mobile Founder – TX State Manager

      • Congratulations Nick – MLM Wireless Leader of the Month!
        Great things come to those who remain focused, committed and dedicated in their mission with hard work and diligence! We know Zoom is going to be an outstanding company and congratulate you on all your most recent accomplishments. Love those Brochure / Cards – Great Idea Nick!
        Keep up the Great Work – Wishing You and Zoom Distributors an Awesome Year in New Business!
        Viktoria & Gary Affron
        Executive Team Concepts

  4. I don't see any wireless MLM surviving in this market competing with the Big Four and now Walmart, especially with the violatility in these smalls MLM's, their personality make-up and their instability. All I see is a little money being made off of recruiting and selling some auto-ship product, and we all know basically that's illegal.

  5. Glad to see someone being innovative. I do wonder, what good is VoiP on a cell phone if you have unlimited minutes? I guess I don't quite understand what the big deal is. Wouldn't you use VoIP to save minutes on your cell phone, and use the internet instead? If you have unlimited minutes, why would it matter?

    • I think the appeal is for international calling. I know I use Google Talk to call Canada on my cell phone. I am assuming it's the same technology. My company also has an international product. For $9.99 a month you get $1,000 minutes to call internationally. Some countries are as low as $.01 cent per minute. The customer simply piggie backs off Lightyear's VOIP network to complete the international call.

    • If you need to call outside the U.S. or if your in another country. Like here in TX for example. Tons of the population needs the ability to call to-and-from Mexico. Just an example.
      Nick Schycker
      Zoom Mobile Founder – TX State Manager

        • Its WAY better to post family and good friends a magic jack to any location in the world…
          Once paid for $39…talk all you want to family FREE…FOREVER…Also the Magic Jack holder can call anywhere in the USA all he likes free…
          Post these to family in Mexico, Guatamala, abroad etc
          Also with google e-mail addresses set up from USA IP's…google video talk is FREE and avail; offshore to communicate back to the USA… Video!…cool!
          Soon everything will be FREE or close to it…The competition for mobile operating systems heats up… to control the data and info.
          Europe Wireless companies are getting rid of Android and developing their own systems, too much spy ware is on android apps.
          As Big brother and big corporate crave the info/data while taking away our rights to freedom…the battle to get data and sell it heats up…Now the race is on to design mobile operating systems…what this means is soon wireless prices will drop to nothing and be FREE…just to get the data…like Bill gates Windows OS
          Right now google is feasting on data…wait till they are challenged further, via other mobile operating systems in the works, or even government
          MLM Wireless "only" companies…your margins to make profits, pay comm, decreaces every day…did I not see Vonnage now $14.95 special…lower again!
          Prepare for less revenue and less comm, comp plan changes and reps going to Walmart for cheaper…days are numbered. Yesterdays business models are out the window!
          Look to Hybrid mlm wireless companies for sure ! Wireless is NOT enough to survive.

          • Tried the Magic Jack and the customer service sucked.
            Now when if comes to our freedoms you have a great point. So based on the the loss of freedoms why would you bring up Google, who will trade a persons freedoms for a dollar? Look at their track record in China!
            If it's freedoms then any of the prepaid phones will work best. They do not ask for any personal info, and you can use a fake name to even set up the account.
            Most 1%errs I know use prepaid, and make sure all GPS is turned off.

        • $19.99 a month.. pick 3 destinations unlimited.. $29.99 Unlimited to 85 destinations.. (Not spamming Troy, he asked) and destinations that are not included have aggressive rates. Although I have NOT compared.. I am curious though as to how we would stock up.
          Nick Schycker
          Zoom Mobile Founder – TX State Manager

      • Troy Allstot,
        Before you go calling Paul a "loud mouth", MAYBE you should contact him and ASK him what was done to him personally and AFTER he had such faith in the person doing it to him!!
        You know as distributors in any of these companies MOST ARE STILL hard pressed AFTER seeing what a certain individual has done to a LOT of distributors in the aftermath of his involvement. How many 14 + now and still growing? At the end of the day NONE of these emotions and outbursts are going to help any amount of distributors and only leaves yet another BLACK EYE on this industry.
        It's high time for everyone to COOL OFF and FOCUS on their OWN business and leave others well enough alone. People can and DO formulate their own choices, decisions and opinions and for those with any experience in the industry seeing everyone out here arguing, name calling, pointing fingers and more is only a detterent from them joining any of these MLM Wireless Companies. NO ONE is drawn TO a company surround by controversy no matter how big or how small! Currently ONLY those who know nothing of the history behind this industry "pit bull" are joining unless they're drinking the newest, latest, greatest flavor of Koolaid or simply don't have experience enough to know where to go, who to ask or how to find out what's really been going on behind the scenes.
        It's still a great industry and people should recognize their potential with the RIGHT company. It's more a matter of WHICH companies are left standing when all this mess is through and the lawsuits have become history. Are YOU going to join a company with a controversial background – WOULD YOU vote for a government official that had controversy swirling around them 24/7 ? When people follow an individual KNOWN to be controversial, they are in essence revealing ALOT about who they are as individuals as well.
        We say FOCUS on what you've chosen to do as a business, DO WELL, BE Happy and LEAVE the arguing to the Corporates and Attorneys to handle. NOT a single down-line in any company has ever prevailed or succeeded whan a CANCER of rumors, conjecture, company politics and infighting takes over. SURELY we can all find a way to get along NO MATTER what company we're currently with. Our business's should have nothing to do with the friendships we build nor should they have ANYTHING to do with the Principles and Character of those good distributors in any one company.

  6. NEWS FLASH!!! Looks like TechSoft Mobile even as good as they are doing are having issues. It seems that Kevin Sipe can't handle all the people that are coming over and further can't handle all the products sent his way by chris greco.
    Just an insiders view, But from what I hear there is a lot of pressure from the leaders on chris to pack up and leave yet again to another company.
    seems that now that some of these leaders have started to see the money are thinking the greco show could do it better somewhere else. I sure hope he brings them here. I sure hope he brings them here.
    But to Chris credit he denies this and says he is staying but I heard that when I was looking at Global Pros. Another dead company Chris left.
    I think that the formula is now there with the right networkers behind him.
    So the question is does Kevin Sipe put up or shut up.. Or do the leaders force the hand and ask Chris to go elsewhere?
    With TechSoft Mobile so high….It's a long way to fall…. And if the leaders needs are not met, My company I hope can offer them a home.
    What company you might ask
    Wow Mobile

  7. I just got off the phone with one of the top leaders at Techsoft wireless and looks like things are not so happy between the owners and Chris Grecco and or some of the Leaders. This unnamed leader said they were going to talk to Chris to move the whole team to another company. I have submitted a request to my upline and Matt Davis to have a meeting with them.
    Look say what you want about the guy, he brings in the numbers. And I saw this leaders check from there.
    Boy I was impressed. I am lobbying hard to have him come here. I think It could really push us over the top.
    I have seen the traffic and the people he has brought in there. I think to bring him in as a distributor is a Plus for ZOOM and keeps us out of legal issues he may have while bringing in his team and experience.
    What do you think Troy and what have you heard?
    I also heard that some key guys at lightyear were talking to them to bring them in.
    Question maybe chris can answer. How many does he have to bring?
    And are you happy at TechSoft?
    Lastly I will gladly welcome you into ZOOM Mobile.
    Excited ZOOM REP
    Looking to sign a restricted free agent

    • Zoom Welcomes Chris Greco,
      ROFLOL… Let me ask a few questions…
      1. Are you saying Greco doesn't own part of the stock in TechSoft Mobile aka TechSoft Wireless? Greco has stated in recordings his holding company is a stockholder, but he personally is not. Please explain what you mean by "owners of TechSoft?"
      2. This whole scenario is exactly what the Greco Crew has been doing for months. Go in hard, make a splash, provide a few older phones, hype things and events no one can validate, then leave just as fast. And the people who get hurt, are the average distributors trying to earn some part-time money. And you really think this is cool?
      3. As for Greco going to Zoom. I'll predict, it will NEVER happen. Burton and Foreman would not put up with what Greco does. And Greco would never sign the special agreement Foreman would craft for him to sign. And if I am wrong and it happens, then what you will see is the world's largest cock fight in history. Greco would spread his feathers and try to become the main voice of the company, and Burton would cut him off at the knees. Nope, just don't see it happening.
      4. Show me the numbers? What numbers are you talking about? Show me one profitable company where Greco has come in and left, outside of Global Verge. As a matter of fact, show me a company or a group of average distributors who are better off, 90-days after Chris blows in and blows out of? Show me these big numbers. The only big numbers is the devastated distributors left. Tell us abut the leader's check. I've gone over the compensation plan, and I have talked to founding distributors, they sure are not making any money. How do you know the check you saw was real? How do you know the check was from building an organization and moving retail products?
      5. ROFLOL… Traffic? Have you ever wondered why Greco, never compares TechSoft's traffic to the top telecommunication companies in MLM Wireless? Why does he always show companies who are in a different niche, and who provides their distributors a completely different domain for their replicated websites? Why is it the TechSoftWireless.com pushes close to 13% of the daily traffic to the TechSoftMobile.com website? Using Black Hat SEO tactics to create a temporary rise in traffic numbers is old school. The objective is never traffic, it is targeted traffic that converts to sales. And, don't forget that ALL successful companies are driving their traffic these days to social networking communities.
      6. If you track my articles on Greco, you will realize he is close to the end of his six month life cycle. According to Greco, he will be dead before the end of October at the latest.
      Although, only time will tell, I do not believe Greco and Zoom will ever get hitched.

      • Troy WTF is this? Damn dude. Thanks for the knife yet again. Look as for me talking about traffic, Ill compare techsoft to ACN, ZOOM, Lightyear, Oh Troy why dont you do that. See I have done it, I only show people Monavie and Vemma, to show them the level they are getting to.
        Look's like you are a little upset in this post Troy old boy.
        LOL make me laugh.. I must be doing something right. And as for people getting paid have you talked to bonnie gipson, debbie holton, veronica kimble, or any of the others building a business here. All of their checks doubled from last month. Yeah I said it.
        As for me BLOWING IN AND OUT OF COMPANIES…. And old phones, LOL LOL LOL, Again laughable….Name the company and show the invoice troy were I provided old phones…….Oh that is right you can't prove that huh?
        I wish ZOOM the best of luck but I am not going there, I am happy here at TechSoft Mobile, We are growing so fast and have some of the best people from primerica and other great companies joining us daily.
        Even some old pros you may know Troy from the AL Williams days. They keep telling me about that and how I remind them of some rough edges guy there.
        Troy, I am currently providing for 2 other Wireless MLM Companies. Well Known I might add. And guess what. No issues and they have their reps lighting up phones daily.
        See the distributors that have followed me are getting what they have waited for, And thats to be paid and have a stable company. So please continue to offer conjecture, bs, and anything else, because we are on too much of a roll to slow us down now.
        As for old phones troy, Zoom is selling the Hero that was so 2 years ago..
        While we offer the G2 4G PHONE on Our GSM NETWORK, and the HD2. Hmmm
        We also are launching an unlimited iPhone plan that is 54.95 a month that is unlimited talk text and data and needs no sim card, and no its not wifi. LOL
        I compare TechSoft to every other Wireless MLM and the big boys like Amway, By the way Troy can you name me one mlm wireless company that out ranks us in Alexa, Google, Bing, or Yahoo?…… Just one, just one……….
        Ill be waiting on that one I see.
        As for my health condition that was some heartless shit for you to say right here, Thanks for that. I'll use that as motivation..
        As for TechSoft Wireless pushing traffic to TSM, Wrong, Infact they are not connected, Shoty research if you ask me.
        As for me being an owner, Well again, Mis information, I am not an owner nor an equity partner at TechSoft Mobile.
        I am merely a vendor who has an interest in seeing people that have been with me succeed.
        I sincerely hope no one from my family reads the garbage you placed at the End of this post,.
        And I am the one they call tasteless and bad mannered.
        Look Troy, I commented on this because, I wont allow mis information to be propagated here or elsewhere.
        So this is the reason for the response. Otherwise, I really don't have the time to waste here to gossip on this gossip site.
        The last post is what it is Gossip, I am not going anywhere, And as much as you guys hate to see distributors succeeding here at TechSoft Mobile, Two words Tough S***.
        Now if you really want to stir the pot Troy I issued a challenge to all other Wireless MLM Companies that TSM Pays more to its reps than anyone else, Why don't you find us someone that will take that challenge?
        You want to know why no one will, Because they all pay out 35% or less, And that is a Fact. That goes for Global Pros to Paul, I have the original docs remember.
        We are blazing in growth and ranking because of how many we bring in everyday. and because of the fact of how much we pay out.
        Call it whatever you want Troy Dooly and anyone else, But the distributors at TSM are calling it Success.
        As for a Cock fight Troy LOL that would never happen. I dont have to be the voice for them to be successful just watch these other 2 companies I am pushing right now, and You know who they are.
        Lastly, I sincerely hope everyone else does well at what they do in this business. Build whatever company your in Now, and if you focus you will be successful.
        Lastly Troy if you want to Piss on me at least give me a heads up before you do that everywhere without knowing what is really going on in the company.
        For someone who says they want to know and report the facts, I havent got a call email nothing from you, So don't use that as no Bullshit excuse to bash these reps that have busted their asses here at TechSoft Mobile.
        If you have a problem with me, You take that up with me, Don't go pissing on the company cause I am here. Remember it does hurt the very people you say your here to help.
        Wish you all success.
        Chris Greco
        Making it Happen at TechSoft.

        • Chris,
          WOW! I answer a small comment from some guy stating you are leaving to go to Zoom, and explain why it will NEVER happen and you and your crew take this as some personal attack. Well, since you folks want to make a big deal out of a mole hill, I'll answer your comment.
          1. What knife? Dude stop the ambiguous talk. You know how to articulate what you want to get across.
          2. My point was very clear. You are comparing apples to oranges. The companies you use all provide replicated site to their reps and allow for outside systems. Most traffic never hits the main company site. So, if traffic is what you want to compare then do it within the niche, and find the sites where the distributors are driving traffic. What is wrong with that? If people cared about Amway, MonaVie or Vemma, they would be building those companies. Focus on your target audience… wireless reps.
          3. What post? This is a Zoom thread. I defended the fact, you would not go to Zoom? How is that upset? Except for the fact, those kind of rumors can hurt reps in both companies. Is that what you want?
          4. What does doubled mean? $5.00 to $10.00 dollars? My comment had very little to do with income, and was relevant to answering the comment at hand.
          5. As for blowing in and out of companies, you ever finished your answer you just laughed. As for the old Phones, I still have them, they came from your retail store, and were provided to Panther reps. You and I talked about it, as did Kevin Sipe and Harry Aston. I also have several emails on the issue form the rep at the time.
          6. What GSM Network? Are you stating TechSoft is a licensed GSM Teir One Network Provider? Please explain so folks can fully understand what you are stating/
          7. Chris please explain why Alexa means so much to you? What does that have to do with money to the bottom line of distributors or the company for that matter? Most if not all of the other companies do not send prospects to their sites. Their top leaders all use their own systems.
          Now as Alexa Ranking goes…
          ACN 28,920 worldwide, and 10146 in the USA.
          5Linx 54,261 worldwide and 13093 in the USA
          LightYear 137,176 worldwide and 25,951 in the USA
          Global Verge 154,791 worldwide and 32,867 in the USA
          TechSoft 160,495 worldwide and 24,797 in the USA
          But what is most important is which company as the most unique visitors monthly and has it gone up or down in 2010.
          ACN Monthly Unique Visitors 79,857 down -18.93% in 2010
          5Linx Monthly Unique Visitors 66,757 up +30.11% in 2010
          Global Verge Monthly Unique Visitors 22,108 down -4% in 2010
          LightYear Monthly Unique Visitors 6570 up +44.17%
          TechSoft Mobile Monthly Unique Visitors 2067 to new for annual growth.
          And if we look at Zoom Mobile they are running 4774 Unique Visitors monthly.
          So no matter how you cut it, I do not see TechSoft traffic having much to do with taking over the MLM Wireless Niche.
          8. As for the comment you made on TSW pushing traffic, that is not my figure Chris, it is your beloved Alexa. 13.51% of your traffic came from techSoftWireless.com.
          9. Chris my comment on your health was not a jab. It was making it very clear to the person who made the comment, that based on what you have publicly told everyone in MLM Wireless, you had 6 months to live. I have not seen or heard you changing that statement. If things have changed, then just share it. But don;t come jumping on me when all I did was repeat your statement.
          10. Chris, just so we get everything correct for folks. Are you saying that no company, trust or foundation which you may hold authority or has the name Greco attached owns any stock in any company which might own all or some of TechSoft Mobile or TechSoft Wireless? And you are more than a vendor, on your calls you state you are in charge of international business, and you personally represent the comapny on calls and presentations.
          11. ROFLOL… Chris it is gossip and rumors which cause companies to go out of business. When someone comments and I know it is false, I respond. In this case, the only thing which might not be accurate is the ownership issue. We will not know that until you tell us, or it comes out in a court of law.
          12. As for your challenge. That has already been taken up and is on one of the threads here regarding Zoom and WOW. Sadly, you folks are wrapped up on compensation plans, when you should be focused on other issues which are far more important to reps.
          13. I am glad you validated what I had already stated, the fact you would not be going to Zoom. I know you pretty well Chris, as I do most of the top players in this niche. I know what personalities match and which ones don't. You made a good move clearing up the facts on moving.
          14. Chris, again you did not read the "Cock Fight statement correctly.
          15. Chris, I defended you not going to Zoom, you validated that. I never pissed on you. I stated facts, displayed them here all answering comments and making sure the reps and potential reps fully understand. I have not written on you or TechSoft based on the request of the reps who wanted to give you a chance to do right. Now you want to act like I did something behind your back. Well, just so we are clear, I will start researching the company and we will do a review in the future.
          16. Chris, why are you thinking I am bashing anyone. I don;t have to send you and email or call. You keep me posted on a regular basis as do the reps in TechSoft. Had I thought there was something to report of value I would have done it. Again, you get pissy because I respond to a comment so far down this thread very few will read it. It is ona Zoom post. People looking for TechSoft would not find this. Amazing dude…
          Living An Epic Adventure,

          • Ok Troy maybe I was quick to jump on this. I took the statement on my health out of context. I guess I apologize. Lots of stress making sure that this is done correctly.
            As for reps checks you know I cant say that here unless I want the AG up my butt. LOL.
            Now if a rep wants to do that with you then thats totally up to them. I will tell you this You are missing a few Zero's in your estimate's Troy to say the least.
            Compensation is Important, I love to see how everyone tries to brush that under the rug. See if a company doesnt pay, People will not keep an autoship, and people will look at it as another bill. Which in this Economy is not viable at this time, People need all the money they can get right now. This is why I stress the comp plan and why we have had so many come over.
            I am not saying you are bashing anyone Troy, I just though maybe the comments we out of line. I was wrong.
            Wouldnt be the first time.
            As for traffic again I do it out of respect, and where I want TechSoft Mobile to be, Monavie and Vemma are big goals, If we are able to pass them. Which we are going to. Then that means the reps at TechSoft will earn more income.
            Traffic is money Troy.
            As for Ownership, I am over International Development, I get paid just like Chandler, Tim and everyone else that Works here. I personally don't own TechSoft Mobile or have an Equity interest in the Company at this time. I am a paid officer and consultant.
            As I am at two other Wireless MLM Companies.
            I wish Zoom the best I do. But I hope they update that comp plan, For their distributors sake and the viability of the company.
            When I say checks doubled Troy, I was taking about real checks not 10.00 checks.
            Lastly If someone got a 80.00 check and they are not happy about it, Then they need to build their business and focus on that. Because I can assure you, Contact me off line Ill give you a list of 100 distributors that made checks with plenty Zeros in them.
            Again wish everyone the best and as for my health condition, Nothing has changed, I am working everyday to get better, Minus the occasional Guinness Stout.
            Troy if there is an issue with TechSoft please address it to me or Kevin so that we can address it.
            Right now our distributors are enjoying the success. And will continue to do so.
            Lastly have you seen some of the TV Commercials out there yet. They are on You Tube now as well.
            Just want to thank Mark, Calvin, Veronica, and Debbie for doing those and helping to really explode their businesses.
            This out to be an interesting season.

      • Daaaaaaammmmmmmnmnnnnnnnn……………. As my good friend smokey would say from Friday aka Chris Tucker.
        Why you slamming us Troy? I'm saying dude. I mean we aint do nothing to you. I am just out here building my business. Yet you out here trying to hurt my business. This is some real bs.
        Chris is not goin no where. Why would he leave a successful company?
        You're wrong for saying this about his health Troy. That not right man.
        ll I can say is that my money doubled up from last month. I got mine. And will continue to do so.
        It look like you are jealous Troy that we are rocking this out like you say.
        Want to see my check. Ill show you both.
        Look to everyone here from techsoft mobile. We are building and doing great. maybe we should all tell Troy how good and where he can stick this bs he is saying.
        On the numbers tip. Its off the chain. We here on top of MLM Wireless.
        And everyone else good luck you'll need it.
        Quit hating Troy. Either find some real dirt or just be quiet.

        • Troy Allstot,
          I am not sure what you are talking about.
          1. I have not slammed TechSoft nor have we done any type of review on the company. It is classified a high-risk MLM wireless company due to the legal issues surrounding the founders, and the fact this is their third or fourth attempt to launch an MLM company, and the second in the wireless niche. Those facts are not slamming, they are the reality and potential distributors need to know these facts.
          2. I never said Chris was going anywhere. As for a successful company, please explain what you mean by "successful company?"
          3. As for Chris's health, please share with this community, exactly what I said that offended you? I made a very clear statement, which came from Chris about the time he had left. I also said, if folks were banking on Chris to join Zoom and make a difference, they had better remember his days are limited based on what he told us. Seriously, you are offended by that statement? Again, that is not slamming anyone, that is making it clear to a distributor who was writing about Chris leaving TechSoft for Zoom.
          4. What does you stating your money doubled have to do with anything. If you made a $1.00 the month before, and you made $2.00 this month, that is not saying much. It is not so much about you or anyone else saying their money is doubling. It is about 3rd party reporters bragging about the company because the Top Tier carriers are telling them about this little MLM wireless company called techsoft kicking it up a notch. When we start seeing that, then we will know you and others are making money.
          5. What am I jealous about? My stance on ALL of MLM Wireless is the same. It is high risk no matter what company a person goes with. Some have better financial backing, and others have more longevity, but the wireless niche as a whole is high-risk.
          6. If you can provide me with a notarized copy of your cashed check, with your bank's stamp on it, then yes I want to see it. We'll black out your name, and show people at least one rep is making good money. Or at least doubled their income.
          7. Please, explain what BS you are referring. You come on here talking about TechSoft, and this is a Zoom thread. Are you sure, you are not trying to get Zoom reps to join TechSoft, and are just using me as an excuse to comment?
          8. Hating what? Who is looking for dirt? Again, sport I answered a comment, we did not do a review or post an update. I think you are the one who is a little excited for some reason.

        • Troy Allstot says:
          Post your check here or shut your mouth about you check doubling. I know so much more
          about SoftTech, Sipes & Greco than you will ever know. Post your check. Troy Allstot says:
          (on a side note)
          Chris post the top 100 check earners of SoftTech as you have bragged about. Chris just show to Troy what you say about your big check earners at SoftTech is true. You can't because they are not there. YOU know it, because I know it.
          There are people at this moment working very hard to bring you guys down,

  8. LIBERTY pay 320% more than Zoom in cycling…Not to mention the 10 level bonus that pays more than zooms uni-level. who cares about phones and flyer's.
    Here is the math: (Or what they DON’T want you to know!)
    Zoom: 18pts to cycle, big pack 3 pts = 6 reps = $150 !…or $25 for big pack points
    Liberty: 48,000pts to cycle, big pack 3500pts = 13.7 reps = $1100 🙂 …or $80 for big pack points
    LIBERTY PAY “MASSIVELY MORE MONEY” in the main payout…points to infinity
    Zoom max $3000 a day
    LIBERTY Max $7700 a day…
    LIBERTY will get there 3.2 times faster cycling (go work 3.2 years :1…just on cycling…lol!)
    Fast start Cash on big pack….Zoom $75….Wow $100
    3/FREE Rules:
    Zoom: If they have a lesser rep package they DON'T count !!! must be equal or greater…
    LIBERTY: anyone with service counts… even a customer counts! (this is big)
    NB: Wow Customers get 3/free too without being a rep…or paying back office fees…BIG!!!
    Residuals or Uni-level
    Zoom only pay to 10 levels, max $5.00 with 50 personally sponsored (strings attached)
    LIBERTY 300pts Mo to infinity…NO QUALIFICATIONS 300 pts through 3 b/s = $7.50
    Also LIBERTY Pay points to infinity on 300 other products monthly , so the residuals are WAY higher and a lot of different products are being brought by the down lines in order to get a higher payout…its a well thought out comp plan that is product driven GENIUS!…not just cell phones, if your in wireless only with no other cash flow you will be toast soon…wireless is not enough in mlm
    Folks LIBERTY is paying approx 4-5 times more than zoom mobile…Did you know That !!! See you at the finish line 4 years later
    Zoom have unilevel qualifications…its not straight forward. zoom are cheap !
    Also the kicker is LIBERTY'S 10 level bonus…no qualifications $1.4 mill on the 10th!…You get this from everyone like a forced matrix payout…nothing to do with the binery and just free money from your teams growth. Get 10% of everyone's fast start cash and you did not sign them up or even know them !.
    Liberty pay BANK!!…got it BANK!
    Guys think before you Zoom into any thing !!!…check the comp plan…

  9. What's the latest with Zoom? Are they still operating? My contact won't return phone calls or emails. When I called their home office, I was put on hold for a while, then a recording told me to leave a message.
    Anyoneone know anything?

    • Mick,
      Zoom is rocking right along. From what I have heard at the top, they are hitting their proforma as planned. Not sure why you were put on hold, unless they have hit a growth spurt during the fourth quarter which does happen sometimes.
      Let's see if we can find some answers.

  10. I have been trying to get in touch with someone from Zoom for over 2 weeks. No one answeres their support line ( have left 3 messages and sent an email with no reply). My upline manager will not return any of my calls 7 over the 2 weeks. I have called at least a dozen phone numbers listed for "directors, state directors, trainers, regional managers" left messages and not ONE returned call. How can they stay in business? No one is that busy!

  11. I have Zoom Mobile equipment for sale, Troy. After Zoom Mobile canceled all CDMA services, I have an HTC Hero I paid $400.00 for that is a paper weight because neither Sprint nor Verizon will accept it on their network. I also have a coveted founders position I paid $1000.00 for that I will sell – CHEAP! All of the people with Zoom Mobile that have CDMA phones have unusable equipment as of the first of the year. ANyone interested? Contact me. Just google my name. C. J. Strayhorn

    • CJ,
      You are not the only one, nor is Zoom the only company to have this happen in December. It seems the CDMA provider may have given these company no choice.
      Can you shed some light on why Sprint and Verizon will not allow you to register the phone with them? Also, have you looked into jailbreaking the phone to use as a prepaid? Or is this even doing able with a CDMA product?
      Living An Epic Adventure,

      • Most likely, Zoom had a deal with Telispire. They probably didn't pay Telispire what they owed them, so now they cut them off. They NEVER had a direct deal with Sprint. There is only one MLM company that EVER has.
        If that Hero was activated through Telispire (Zoom), any wholesaler can activate, though Sprint themselves likely will not. There is one company that definitely can activate it LEGALLY, the only MLM wireless company.

        • Michael,
          Interesting reasoning, you might be on to something. However, I think it has more to do with the fact Verizon now has access to the iPhone. By moving to a Verizon platform Zoom or other companies can start selling the iPhone.

    • I googled ur name CJ. You are not as popular as you may think you are because the only thing(s) that popped up were "whiners" and a few "complainers" and "tittybabies". Hey, thats what Google said, not me!
      As for the $400 paper weight, I will give you 10 bucks for it cause whether you can or not, I CAN activate it with Sprint. Oh yeah, I'll also give you another 10 bucks for the Founder position.
      I know, I know….my response sounds almost as ridiculous as your comment.