Breaking Information, isn’t just an consideration grabber, it’s what has been occurring all week within the Direct Promoting Business. Worldwide we’re experiencing some nice and thrilling issues. Though, there are some pockets of concern, there may be nothing we as a occupation cannot change for the higher.

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You Say You Need A Revolucion… Peter Lupus and Linda Swensen the founders and present officers of Revolucion and I met at this time for a convention name, and I have to say a number of the issues they shared about their future product providing will really give the typical Revolucion Ambassador one thing they are often happy with.

A Social Networking Case Examine: I’m going to share an instance of nice utilizing social networking to broaden your community and construct stronger and new private relationships. Social Advertising and marketing Coach, Ray Higdon tagged me in an article he wrote this week on gathering native leads, this video shares what occurred subsequent… Learn the way Jess Perretti obtained blended up in all of this. 🙂

LifeShare: Michael Yanke and his companions have launched a brand new and really fascinating direct promoting firm… And it’s NOT a well being and vitamin firm.

How Travis & Summer time Flaherty Are Constructing A Legacy With out Hurting Your Groups Fame In Direct Promoting!

Max International appears to have had some type of meltdown each internally and within the discipline. What can we as direct advertising professionals study from these conditions, and the way can we work collectively to maintain this from occurring sooner or later?
You may view a number of the authorized documentations right here:
Case v. Max International lawsuit
After reviewing this lawsuit, I began researching what number of different lawsuits are energetic between Max Worldwide, former Officers, different direct promoting corporations and former distributors and was considerably shocked. For such a small firm, they could have extra energetic lawsuits, than corporations the scale of MonaVia.


  1. Hi Troy,
    I have a few questions about your wording.
    "Meltdown?" "Predatory, dictatorial type of leadership?" "Running off all of the distributors?"
    I have a mid-pin-level contract with Max. I am very impressed with their current management team.
    The lawsuit you are posting is old news from March of this year. And, admittedly, there have been too many lawsuits, due in my opinion, to a poor choice of executives and MLM advisers at the time of launch 4 years ago.
    But what in the world suggests to you that Max is in a Meltdown?
    Lou Abbott
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    • Lou,
      First let me say thank you for stopping by. And to all of our community, if you have never been to Lou's blog community then you are missing a great resource and one of my main bookmarked sites for info.
      Now, to your questions.
      Lou, first let me say, as I have in the past Max has a great product mix, and has done well in leading with their product from day one. My concern and use of the words above comes from the numerous lawsuits, both inside corporate and from the field.
      Although, each lawsuit Max has initiated seems to have merit, and it is well within their right to protect their business, it seems the same mistakes causing these lawsuits have happened more than once, at least when it comes to the corporate officer lawsuits.
      As for the ones from the field, it seems from leading the court documents, that corporate is taking a heavy hand in a could of areas, and that is concerning. Again, I am not against Max in any way, nor do I take any side in these suits. As a matter of fact, I hate ALL lawsuits, and if I had my way, we would lock everyone in a soundproof room and work it out, and never go to court. But, I know I am just living fantasy when it comes to that.
      Although the lawsuit is from March, it has not been settled, and is still pending as is others. All lawsuits take away from the focus of the company, and in some cases disrupts the field.
      I can say that since posting this small piece yesterday, you and other field reps at different levels have shared their thoughts on these lawsuits, some which have been settled or thrown out, and it has been refreshing to get a field perspective.
      As for the use of Meltdown. I understand that is a harsh statement, and I used it specifically to grab the attention of Max reps. I wanted to get the reps to watch the video and give me feedback.
      With that said, I do feel that if any direct selling corporation becomes known as a sue happy company, it will do two things. First it will cause friction between the field and the company, giving outside critics more ammo to use in slamming our profession. Second, can be used to validate the need for portfolio companies to launch, preying on the fears of the average distributor, that the corporations can't be trusted, and they should be building multiple MLM companies at once.
      Lou, I just want to see the companies and field win and win big. If we all start to do a little more due diligence, before joining companies, hiring employees, or jumping to premature conclusions based on rumors, and learn to communicate open and honestly, then maybe we'll start to see less lawsuits, and more private conversations.
      I was involved in one such conversation yesterday, where an attorney for a direct selling company asked me to be on a call with some leaders who were leaving as a 3rd party ambassador for the profession. Instead of sending a nasty gram on behalf of the company and causing more hard feelings, he called a conference call. All sides came together, talked through what was acceptable, what wasn't and set some guidelines moving forward.
      Although, it is still to early to know for sure all sides will hold to their words… It's a start.
      Lou, you are one of the good guys, and I thank you for both privately and publicly asking me about my choice of words, and my intentions.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

  2. Hi Troy,
    Thanks for the good response and the nice words.
    I don't question that your motives are good also.
    As for Max, it is not what I am currently building. And, I have been around long enough to know that biases color everyone's perspectives, particularly if they are new in the industry and have only experienced one or two companies.
    That said, I see no evidence that Max is in any kind of "meltdown" or that they are "sue happy." In my opinion, the various lawsuits were the result of some poor top management and top leadership choices at the very beginning. Those choices have all been rectified over the first couple of years of Max's 4 years in business, culminating with the dismissal of Craig case. The current top management team seems to be of the highest caliber and integrity.
    I just find it inflammatory to bring up a lawsuit that was filed 6 months prior to your post as if it were "news." It certainly does not help the Max associates.
    As for the Melaleuca lawsuit, it was filed by Melaleuca, not Max. Melaleuca has their own reputation that people can factor into that.

  3. Hello to my good friends, Troy and Lou.
    You are two of the finest professionals that our industry is blessed with in my opinion.
    You each put forth tireless efforts on our behalf, and you exemplify what our profession
    is all about, by continually raising the bar to higher standards of conduct.
    Lou – I have been a big fan of your ( ) for years, as
    it 'digs deep' into issues of importance to all of us.
    Troy – you and I have had the privilege of serving together on the Board of our industry
    business association ( ) – which acts to educate, protect and
    preserve the 'rights' of Home Biz entrepreneurs globally. It used to be called the DRA.
    I'd like to make some comments – including thoughts on two (2) of your videos …
    MAX – Whether the 'language used' in describing the situation at Max is perhaps a bit
    strong, or not – the fact remains that sadly, these "lawsuits" – no matter which company –
    they do nothing to enhance the "image" in our industry.
    Lawsuits – Instead, lawsuits between companies and their Reps act to give us one more
    "black eye" – something we are ALL striving to avoid. Hopefully, these will be settled
    Leadership – Lou quoted something above that I see as critical, i.e. => "admittedly, there
    have been too many lawsuits, due in my opinion, to a poor choice of executives and MLM
    advisers at the time of launch…"
    This brings me to my second video – the one you did on Qivana…
    QIVANA – I must say, I agree with you – very impressive forces at work with this company,
    now in its 2nd year. Their (patented) Health 'Systems' – their Comp Plan – but especially
    (to touch squarely on Lou's point above) – their "Owner / Executive Team" – it's unusually
    This one factor alone is perhaps "the" most critical thing for the long term success of any
    company – and Qivana would seem to have a mix of talent and experience there, steering
    their corporate ship, that would match the credentials of any Fortune 500 company. Only
    time will tell, of course, as to its future.
    ECONOMY // OUR INDUSTRY – Given the (still grim) economy out there – in both of our
    countries – and given that more and more people are searching for better ways to secure
    their financial futures – the idea of working from home (entrepreunerialism) is catching on.
    Personally, I have never been so enthusiastic (and proud!) of the "beacon of hope" that
    our industry offers them. The opportunities are truly unlimited – IF they choose carefully –
    IF they have a good work ethic – IF they build their home business with the right business,
    financial, ethical and marketing principles.
    Troy & Lou – I APPRECIATE you.
    Sincerely / Peter A.
    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder
    Business Achievers Academy / Canada

  4. Troy I am glad you are taking a break from all the wireless wars…its constantly changing…who you thought would be first… now is last… who you thought would be second is third…now who you thought was real…is not… and who you thought was real at the beginning will be again
    So chill out !…sit back…don't lose your reputation on the potential winner by backing the loser. (NO Bad day at the Derby!) Dont back the liars, spammers or fakers….
    Troy you know what to do…wait!…who said wireless was stagnant ?
    Whats so funny is…I know!…WATCH!

    • FDIagent,
      Great advice for sure. As for waiting… Before the first of the year I think everyone who has been, is or who comes into the MLM Wireless niche is going to be in for the surprise of their life.
      A couple of things happening behind the scenes in wireless will be a game changer.
      I predict by the end of the first quarter several smaller companies will merge or leave this niche all together.

      • This is a great site. Just for info purposes you are right. We at T-Mobile just launched Unlimited Talk Text and 2GB of data Prepaid for 69.95 and we also Launched 1500 Mins 1500 Text and 30mb of data for only 29.95.
        This is for T-Mobile approved dealers and 2 network marketing companies that have dual exclusivity.
        From what I have monitored here it will surely change plenty.