Avon has challenged 60 beauty and lifestyle influencers in Argentina and Chile to take part in a contest that will engage thousands of social media users.

The winner of the chance will earn a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the renowned Avon Innovation Centre in New York.

The contest had two phases and several challenges that must be met to be selected for the trip to New York. The beauty influencers were invited to take part in a day of makeup workshops with the region’s leading makeup artists, learning tips and tricks and discovering Avon’s award-winning make-up collections.

After the workshops, the influencers were given goody bags containing Avon makeup products for them to experiment with. They are now participating in a makeup challenge that will engage their followers over the coming weeks. Each has been asked to create and share a minimum of two looks using at least five of the items in their goody bag, plus a step-by-step tutorial video detailing how they created their unique looks.

The awards have been established to open up the Avon brand to new audiences and embed Avon’s authority as a leading powerhouse in the beauty world.

Axel Gegenschatz, group vice president and general manager of the South Market Group said: “Avon is a social selling business with millions of beauty entrepreneurs all over the world. We aren’t bound to an expensive retail infrastructure and that means we can invest in our product innovation. By engaging these modern experts and encouraging them to share their creativity and experience of using Avon with their audience we hope to deliver significant value for the brand by building awareness but also credibility and authority as the quality of our products is demonstrated.”

Following the contest’s close in August, the winning influencers were hand-picked by a specialist jury that analyzed each post, communication and piece of content based on their follower engagement. The eight influencers who complete the challenges in the most stand-out fashion will be whisked away on a trip to New York for their tour of the global Avon Innovation Centre in Suffern in November.

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