Herbalife Nutrition and Proactive Sports Performance plan to extend their long-time partnership by opening Herbalife Nutrition’s first global performance center.

The new facility, currently under construction in Westlake Village, California, will open in the fourth quarter of 2020. It will combine the company’s expertise in sports nutrition with Proactive CEO and Founder Ryan Capretta’s knowledge and experience in sports performance.

“We are excited to partner with Ryan to build a state-of-the-art facility that demonstrates the power of integrating sports nutrition and athletic training best practices,” said Alex Amezquita, senior vice president of Finance and Strategic Planning, Herbalife Nutrition.

In addition to employing technology for physical training and recovery, Herbalife Nutrition sports nutritionists and exercise scientists will be on-site to develop and implement long-term programs to further analyze effects and benefits of hydration and micro and macro nutrients. As a comprehensive sports nutrition performance research facility, the center will be focused on analyzing the totality of an athlete’s lifestyle and how the utilization of an entire nutrition and training protocol can benefit their training, on-field performance and recovery.

“With more than a decade in the making, this facility will pair sports science and our best in class training environment. Nutrition, training, recovery and therapy will be seamlessly integrated in this performance center,” said Capretta. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Herbalife Nutrition.”

Capretta founded Proactive Sports in 2006, and it is now one of the most sought-out training facilities in the world by professional athletes of all sports, as well as youth and adult athletes of all levels. Capretta holds a Master’s degree in Sports Science and worked seven years in the NFL and at Stanford University as a strength and conditioning coach.

Herbalife Nutrition has worked with Proactive Sports over the past eight years to help optimize its elite athlete program through sports nutrition, working closely with athletes planning to enter professional scouting combines by assessing each individual’s fitness goals and complementing their training with a targeted meal plan.

Herbalife Nutrition is the official nutrition provider to more than 190 professional athletes, sports teams and sporting events around the world.

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